La Barre Olives is an Australian producer of award winning extra virgin olive oil. The olives, grown on two distinctive groves at Yass and Billimari in central New South Wales, are harvested, processed and sold by La Barre.

As well as our award winning extra virgin olive oil, La Barre offers a range of infused oils, vinegars and condiments designed to enhance the cooking experience.


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Try La Barre products with some of these mouth watering recipes

Grilled Skirt Steak with Rosemary & Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Grilled Skirt Steak with Rosemary & Garlic Infused Olive OilIngredients1 large cut of skirt steakLa Barre Rosemary & Garlic infused olive oil2-3 cloves of garlic dicedZest of 1 lemonFresh basil and French parsleySalt & PepperLa Barre Lemon Infused Olive OilMethod Mix 1/4 cup La Barre Rosemary & Garlic infused olive oil, 1/2 of the diced garlic, and
Amazing olive oils…

The Chilli & Garlic infused olive oil is my favourite. It is absolutely amazing and perfect with so many dishes

Ashley Martin
Perfect olive oils, Perfect…

Perfect olive oils, Perfect vinegars, Perfect condiments. I recommend La Barre and all their products. Amazing flavours, very well crafted.

Tony Ramos
Best flavour, best…

The BEST flavour. These olive oils bring spice and a kick of flavour to any dish guaranteed. Reliable deliveries on time and always of highest quality.

Christie Hunter
The caramelised balsamic…

The Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar is to die for. I bought six bottles but I'll definitely be buying more. I use it in everything from salads to cooking its absolutely a premium product.

Vesna P
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